Friday, May 3, 2013

The Great World Circus

Have you ever watched a circus? I just got a new experience by watching a circus two days ago. Actually I was never interested in circus before. I thought it was just a boring show like whatever. I didn't even think that I would watch this kind of show.
My 1st-of-May went well. :)

The show was about to start.
They're from China.
The dog cutely hugged that man's calf. :")
A terribly handsome little boy from Russia. <3 <3 <3
How cute!
The illusionist is from Indonesia.
They're from Africa.

That man was deceived because the thrower didn't really throw the hatchet to him. Haha!
The juggler.

And this is the most thrilling show!

I could feel the wind blew pretty hard when the wheels were spinning. It was cold!

The show made me impressed. They were all cool but sadly there were no lions, tigers, elephants, or any big-and-wild animals. :( A bit sad honestly but, overall it was good and entertaining me!

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