Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over Delighted

Spending nine hours with the ones you really love (and also miss). How great that day was. You smiled, you laughed, you shared stories, you told jokes, you ate your lunch and dinner with them, and so on. That's how my latest weekend looks like. :)

I was over delighted when I spent my half-day with my family in Jakarta. It'd been two months I didn't get there. I missed them so much!

When I was going there, I saw few changes. I felt like I hadn't been there for a half year, "seriously?" And I felt like I had no exam for the next Monday because I really enjoyed spending time with them. I ended up playing, telling jokes, having a lot of conversations, and doing photo shoot (for sure!!)

Hopefully I can feel like my midterm goes really fast because I can't wait to have a girls' day out with my girls! And also pray for the result of my midterm, guys! I'm doing my best. :D

So, I was extremely in the mood for denim lately (even right now I'm wearing denim lol). It's casual yet still can be feminine and also comfy. Who doesn't like denim, huh? It matches with anything! :)

For the one who helped me styling my hair... Yes, you. Hana, thank you for your contribution! You made me felt like I was a Korean because of my wavy hair lol. That hairstyle was pretty, though!
And also thank you for helping me take these photos. Looking forward for our next collaboration. ;)

Good luck for the ones who are facing and struggling with their midterms! Do your best and have a nice day! Xx.

Photographed by Hana Freli
Denim dress - Zen-Ei
Gray heels - Karen&Chloe
Gold necklace - La Dulce

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Something Timeless

Hi, awesome readers! I recently got this denim dress from my Mother's wardrobe and rrrrrr! I'm totally in love! Its shape is definitely lovely and the length... As you can see, it almost touches my ankles. Actually I got two almost-the-same denim dresses and I love both of them!

Say 'yeay' for this timeless thing called "denim"!

As you know, I had a long holiday (2.5 months) which truly made me bored and now I've come back to the reality. University life! Coming to the university at 8, sitting in the classroom for 2.5 hours/ subject, spending 9 hours at the university two times a week and 6 hours once a week, doing presentations, interviews, and homework truly makes me a bit exhausted. Ha!

I extremely miss blogging... It's been 3 months I don't post anything on my blog. Uh, blame the situation... Hopefully I can post more often later on.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to my personal photographer, Christopher Adriel. Haha. Thank you for helping me take these pictures!
And for you guys, have a nice day! :)

Photographed by Christopher Adriel
Denim dress - Jun Missoni
Leather boots - June+Julia
Envelope bag - La Dulce

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