Monday, June 3, 2013


"You can play older than yourself. You can play younger than yourself up to a point.
And then becomes impossible because you carry a weight with you that you can't shift,
unless you have very boyish looks."

Who agrees that I look boyish in those pictures?! :D

To make myself not bored, sometimes I need to be different. Yes, I chose to be boyish.
When I saw the photos, I felt like those were not-really-me. Nonetheless, I still felt satisfied because apparently I could be different and... The result wasn't really bad. :))

Anyway, I'm so in love with that denim shirt. I got it about two years ago, when I was about to celebrate Lunar New Year with my whole family. I fell in love at the first sight! Mindlessly, I brought it to the cashier and then paid. Yeay!

Photographed by Hana Freli
Denim shirt - Heath
White shorts - Jennifer Lauren
Black heels - Charles and Keith
Studded leather bracelet - La Dulce
Ring and belt - thrifted
Blue headband - one of my childhood collections

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