Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy (Belated) Lunar New Year 2565

First of all, happy (belated) Lunar New Year 2565 for the ones who celebrated it! Here I am saying it for the second time on my blog. Hmm, time flies really fast.

I felt less-excited about my Lunar New Year this year (I personally didn't know why). Nevertheless, I still felt really happy when I met my big family. Their presences always fill me with happiness! :D

Hana Freli, me, Emily Karim, Lanny

Haha. Yes. We took quite many photos. Special thanks goes to Emily Karim and Glenaldi Karim for their contributions helping me taking these beautiful photos. Yeay! You all were great.

Hmm, as usual, cakes and delicious-and-so-tempting foods were everywhere in Lunar New Year celebration. Omg, I couldn't resist it! If Lunar New Year happens every once in a month, then I will definitely be obese. Lol, no, seriously guys! My Grandmother always makes yummy foods and you know, I looooooove foods. :")

Lunar New Year just ended and I still have a half month of holiday. Hopefully everyone had a great Lunar New Year celebration and also is having a great holiday (I genuinely can't wait to continue studying in the sixth semester! Woo! Totally excited!) Happy holiday, guys! Xx.

Photographed by Emily Karim and Glenaldi Karim
Peplum cat top - Plain Vanilla
Legging - Rodeo
Black boots - June+Julia

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