Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Hi, guys! Do you know this kind of big event that's going to be held in the next few days? Yes, it's Indonesia Fashion Week 2014!
Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2014 is going to be held on February 20th-23th, 2014, located in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Indonesia.

This amazing fashion-related event has a concept, that concept is to promote Indonesian fashion, takes pride, and also distinctive characteristics that led to achievement. It also tries to bring the new flow in Indonesian fashion scene. The flow is Local Movement. Local Movement is an invitation and also a program for all the Indonesians that makes them more proud, love, and of course use the products of Indonesia more often.

If you're curious about the schedule; what are series of events that's going to be held at IFW 2014, here I give you the complete schedule based on IFW's website.

PC: Press Conference || FS: Fashion Show

For all the fashion enthusiasts, especially, make sure you've saved the dates to come and join one of the most prestigious events in Indonesia, Indonesia Fashion Week 2014!! :)

And about the Local Movement, it will not stop; it keeps going. The movement of Indonesia's pride and love should be spread not only in the field of fashion, but in all the aspects of life. Let's support Local Movement by showing the world that you're Indonesian and you're truly proud of it!

For more information, feel free to visit IFW's official website, Twitter, or Facebook.

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