Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beloved People

November 8th, 2012 was a good day and it had made me feel happy. But, my happiness didn't stop at that day. Three days from November 8th, something good happened to me. Do you all know what it is? ... My Uncles, Aunts, their children, Cousins, Grandmother, and Great-grandmother came to my house! Whoa, I was excited! We talked, laughed, and shared stories together for almost three hours. I genuinely could feel the warmth. :")

After that, we went to Summarecon Mal Serpong to find something that could be eaten. My aunt gave an idea to eat at Eat and Eat (which is located at Summarecon Mal Serpong 2). 'There are plenty of food choices!' she said. So, we finally decided to go there.

When we arrived, we all immediately sat at a long table (which was a combination of several tables. Haha!) and tried to find food(s) that we like one by one. When I had ordered and got the food, my cousin, Hana Freli, suddenly came and screamed to me like, 'Aaaaa! *waves her hands*' Haha. That was cute! Her expression seriously made me wanna laugh.
'Hi!!! Go get your food now!' I said.

She chose the same food like me, boiled chicken and collards. But with only one bowl of rice, whereas I ate one and a half bowl of rice. :$ DON'T JUDGE ME! I did that because I hadn't eaten from the morning. Hahaha.

After we all finished eating our meals, then I took photos with Hana Freli, Emily Karim (my cousin), and my grandma! Yay!

with Hana.

with Emily.

with Grandmother.

I love taking photo because it can be something that reminds me about someone, places, or anything, which happens in my life. It physically serves as a reminder.

How lucky I am to have these people around me. I'm truly blessed. Thank God. :)

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