Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friends and Pancake

Well, for me, having a class on Saturday is not a good thing. Do not care if there is one, two, or even three classes on that day. It is pretty annoying.
Yesterday, my friend, Dyan, made something for me. She randomly wrote this on my desk.

And also this one.

The second one is not only Dyan's handwriting but my handwriting too! We were totally bored with the lesson so we made this! :))

When the class was over, we (Dyan, Sansan, and I) went to SMS for having fun. Too bad Sansan could not go with us because she already had an appointment with her high school friends.


Because I felt a bit tired and accidentally saw Pancious, I immediately told Dyan to go there. And yay, I got my Blueberry Cheese pancake and waffle! :D

Thank you Dyan for accompanying me from 8 am until 6 pm!

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