Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good Time

Good time, good time, good time. From December 25th until 29th, I spent my days at my Grandma's house. There were so many funny and unforgettable moments happened, and I am going to tell you all shortly. :)

'I'm so happy!' is the only sentence that can describe how I feel now. On my short-holiday, I had a chance to stay and meet my Grandmother, cousin, Aunts, Uncles, and my high school friends. They were all so nice!

First of all, my high school friends asked me to go to Riyanto (a place that sells fried rice and noodle) and a teen cafe named Ninotchka (owned by Sonia Eryka) to have a chat; spending a little time together. I missed them a lot!

Red velvet cake in a jar and ginger cookies.

In the house, avocados, mangoes, guavas, oranges, and other fruits were provided by my Grandmother. Not only fruit, one of my favorite food named Tempe Orek was provided too! Aha.
It's just too sweet! I felt welcomed and loved there.

On Friday, my Uncle asked me and Hana to go to Mall Puri Indah for lunch. You know, it seemed not enough for us.

After coming back from there, Hana and I went to a teen cafe (again) named Mustache Me. It was slightly same with Ninotchka, but had a unique menu and decoration.

Spaghetti carbonnara and banana split were foods that I chose. Those were so damn tasty and made me guilty! :D

Yummy banana split.

Tempting spaghetti carbonnara.

That is a little about my holiday. How about you guys? Hope you are all having a nice holiday with the ones you love.

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