Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flowers in The Sky

Hi, 2013!! Finally you came! I thought you came a bit faster!
2012 went really quick. Few days ago, I several times asked myself, "is this serious that I am going to welcome 2013 in a few days?!!" cause I felt like I just through a half of that year. Crazy...

To celebrate this, my family and I went to a Mall. We had been there since 12:20 pm (because we were afraid if we didn't get the parking lot). Hahaha!
Usually we went to another city for New Year celebration, yet it didn't happen (again) this year.
Currently, my family and I think that we'd rather celebrate New Year at a place that isn't too far because we are a bit tired and bored with traffic jam when we go to somewhere far.

Those 'flowers' were just too beautiful, I couldn't stand it. I was amazed!!
The fireworks makers are really creative and innovative. :)

There were a lot of people came to that place. It increased my excitement!

Okay, 2013. You've come and I hope you can be better that the previous ones!
And God, thank for another year! :)

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