Friday, February 1, 2013

End of Month

Two days ago I spent my day with my girls; we were having fun after final test. One of them wanted to eat pancake and... you know, I could not resist it.

The day started with the arrangement of study plan card. It was for my fourth semester. I was so anxious that I would get the 'bad' schedule, yet praise the Lord because it did not happen! I've got the schedule that let me rest myself in the middle of weekday for two days. I am so happy!!

At 11:30 am, my friends and I went to mall; we directly walked to the cinema to buy tickets for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. We were a bit afraid if we could not get the seats that we wanted, but when I saw the seats options... no one had taken it. The reality was seriously 180 degrees different. Haha. I could freely choose the seats that I wanted.

When the tickets were in my hands, my friends and I immediately went to Pancious. I ordered Choco Berry pancake and waffle. It tasted so delicious as always! "Hmm, life is good."

We had been there for approximately an hour. The movie was about to be played at the cinema, so we had to go and be hurry.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was a great movie. I really liked the character that was played by Gemma Arterton. She was beautiful (and still is), and really good at acting. Her character was so strong, brave, and loving. Her and her brother's life were exciting, sad, and scary at the same time because they were left by their parents and attacked by bad witches.

That movie is highly recommended for the ones who love action movie, yet is not recommended for the ones who are afraid of war, blood, or anything that is related with violence.

Me and Evelyn.

Me with Wenny.

Me with Evelyn, Marga, Wenny, and Joceline.

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