Sunday, February 17, 2013

Officially 20

Another year has come to my life, the unforgettable ones have passed.
Yesterday, I was officially 20 years old and felt old enough. Thank you for the great birthday wishes, Pals! I do appreciate it!

The chance to be 20 years old... not everyone gets it. As we know, on the other side or place of this world, there is someone who wants to be alive yet (s)he does not have a chance to be. Therefore, I am so grateful for this chance that is given by Him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You, you, you and you had made my day brighter, and of course unforgettable! :"D
I hope I can be better than before and all of your wishes will come true; truly happen in my life!
Once again, thank you so much! May God bless you, amazing People! :)

Your little daughter has grown up, Mom, Dad! <3

Stripes sweater - AKO
Hot pants - Unbranded
Pump heels - ICONinety
Accessories - La Dulce

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