Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year!

Gong xi fa cai!!!
My Chinese New Year celebration had passed ahhhwesomely! It did not started on February 10th or just a day, but from February 9th until 10th. My big family has a special tradition; special yearly-tradition on Chinese New Year eve. That tradition is we come to Grandmother's house to meet the whole big family members; spending time together until midnight. Usually we are there until 1 am; few people go back to their homes and few people stay there (because they came from far places). Those far places are Demak (Central Java) and Citeureup (West Java). Ah, I love it so much. Someone who makes an effort to come from a place that far away just to spend time together is such a cute-and-lovely-and-adorable thing. <3

I arrived at my Grandmother's house at approximately 5 pm and there were fairly a lot of family members who had come! There were my Aunts, Uncles, their lovely children (included Hana and Emily), Grandmother, Grandfather, and my Great-grandmother. They warmly greeted my family.

We laughed, ate together, talked about silly and funny things, and so on until midnight. At 10:30 pm, my Grandmother's neighbor started igniting the fireworks. Oh well, those things were just beautiful as always. 'The show' lasted for two hours. My eyes genuinely pampered!

Shortly, on the second day we went to Palmerah to meet my Grandmother's sisters and another family members. Whoah, can you imagine how many people that gathered there? That was such a super quality time for me. The cakes, the foods, the people. They made me did not want to go home!
"Could we just hold this day for at least... a week?"

Duku and colorful chocolate.

Green Tea cakes! It tasted so good. :")

Dodol (the black ones).

Chocolate-chip-and-rice-crispy cake.

I do not know the name of this 'thing'. :|



Bika Ambon, Kue Lapis Surabaya.

Peanuts, Green Tea cakes, Kuaci, and Tape.

The crowd.


Tyan (my cousin) and me.

Tyan, me, and Hana.

Emily and me.

Me and Hana.

Grandmother's sister, me, and my Grandmother.
Putri, Emily, me, and Hana.

Hopefully we can be more successful and prosperous this year!

Lace peplum - Magnolia
Skirt - Unbranded
Flat shoes - Charles and Keith
Accessories and envelope bag - La Dulce

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  1. yummy foods everywhere! :9
    happy chinese new year, vebrin :D

    Diary of a Dreamer

  2. Trueee! Who can resist it? :')

    Happy Chinese New Year too, Fifi!!
    Thank you for reading my post. <3