Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Second Birthday Celebration!

The friendship that I have with Dyan, Sansan, and Wenny has officially been two years! Whoa! Nostalgically, first time I met Dyan and Wenny was at the rectorate building. If I am not mistaken, it was at A624, Creative Writing class.
I remember exactly how my friend, Wenny looked like. She was like... *looking around*. Was a little confused to choose where she would sit.
"Omg, young lady. There is an empty seat beside me." :p
Finally, she sat beside me and we alternately introduced ourselves.

About Dyan... I knew her because we were accidentally in the same group (still in the same room and day when I met Wenny). I remember exactly too about one thing. It was the shirt wore by her. A plaid shirt, dominated with red.
"I was living in Batam, but I moved here for college," that red-plaid-shirt-lady said in the library.

The last one is my 'bestie', Sansan. Okay, I knew her when we were doing an orientation. I accidentally met her in a toilet and my cousin, Emily, directly introduced her to me. Emily had known Sansan because they were in the same group during orientation.

I was a bit surprised and also happy when I knew that my student ID number was pretty close with hers.
"Yeay! I just found someone who is going to be in the same classes with me for the first semester!" I said to myself secretly.

Shortly, from that day we started frequently hanging out and doing many things together. As time goes by, our friendship grows stronger. It continues until now but, about the time we spend together... It is not as often as the first and second semester. That is because
 Wenny chose a different major with us (started from the third semester). But overall, I am grateful because we all still can meet fairly often, chat, lunch together, hang around, and do something silly together.

The limited time that I have to meet them (especially Wenny) makes me really happy when I have a chance to be with them. The ones who often make me smile with their silly, annoying, and unimportant behavior. Hmm.

Recently, we celebrated our birthdays at Sunny Side Up, Mal @ Alam Sutra.

Banana milk and chocolate milk. Yumm!

Some of you might be confused about what 'our birthday' means. It simply means we integrate our birthdays; celebrate it all together in just a day. Last year, we celebrated this on March 15th. And this year, we celebrated it on March 14th. That moment was really lovely and fun. We went there at 12 pm and as usual, we laughed, took photos, exchanged presents, and also played Uno card.

Hahaha. Dyan was laughing at me when she saw those cards. I was in the one-by-one battle with Sansan but we found no winner. Dyan said, she just saw that for the first time. Like, seriously? :D

The presents. Awkwardly, Dyan chose the same wrapping paper with me. ...

Now I'd like to tell you about the presents. I gave Wenny two novels; Les Miserables and Last Minutes in Manhattan. I guessed she likes reading book, especially novel, so I bought it. Fortunately, I was not wrong! She was really happy when she knew what presents she got. Take a look at her happy expressions below!

Ha, that made me happy as well. :)))

Few photos that you just saw are me trying to open my present. Sansan had asked me before about the thing(s) that I want. She said, she had collected few things yet still felt not enough. Because of that, I told her about what I wanted currently. It was red, blue, and orange nail polishes by Revlon. She gave me only red and blue ones because she did not find the orange one. "I give you orange pencil shaker to replace the orange nail polish," she said.

Sansan is apparently a sweet girl. Look, she gave me a letter. And then, she gave me silver cross necklace, and also spicy dark chocolate. Aaaa, she combined things I like into one. You know, I will never resist chocolate and chili.
Thank you, Dear! <3

In addition, Dyan will get a UMN hoodie and Sansan got a purple clothes as their birthday presents.

I said 'will get' because Dyan's present is still in a PO process, so she has to wait!

... Okay, so, I hope this friendship will last, no matter what. I also hope we can always be like this. Xoxo. <3

Floral dress - Yellow Line
Floral wedges - Summit
Earrings - La Dulce

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