Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remarkable Weekend

On March 15th, my family and I went to Bandung. Actually I had a class at 1 pm that day, but I had to skip it. I had no chance! :3

We hit the road at 2 pm. I was so excited because that day did not feel like a holiday anymore. "Today is Friday. I have a class but I am going to go outside the city," I thought. "This is remarkable!"


At 4 pm, I was still on the road and downpour came. The sky was so dark. Scary! My Father immediately lowered the car's speed.

I reached Bandung at 6 pm. Pft, finally. First thought when I arrived there was, "where I can find food? I want something warm and... Spicy." In the end, I ordered Nasi Goreng Spesial for dinner.

Euu, that was odd actually because I easily felt so full.

Inside the room.

On the second day, I checked out at 11 am and went to a restaurant. Anyway, my little dog, Thalia went with us! She was a bit freezing at the hotel room yesterday, I guessed.

When we finished eating our brunches, we went to a mall that I forgot the name. My brothers and I parted with Mom and Dad. We secretly bought three small cakes to give Mother as her birthday cake. March 16th was her birthday! I had to buy those small cakes because I thought it would be useless if I bought the bigger one (my family did not have a refrigerator in the car so...)
Happily, my Mother was touched! :")

Red velvet, blue velvet, and small chocolate cake with a dog and birthday greeting on it.

Anyway, I had come to a pet shop and found this dog named Moi Moi which kept trying to 'kiss' my calves. Oh my...

After all, sadly we had to go home. Why? Because my Mother was sick. She felt unwell caused by Thalia. Last night, she kept barking like every half an hour, so my Mother could not sleep soundly. Gosh.

After 4 hours of driving back home, finally at 8 pm I reached home. "Whoa, let me hug you, Pillow! Good night!"

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