Thursday, March 6, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week: Day 3

As a fashion enthusiast, who isn't interested or doesn't want to come to fashion events? Especially, the biggest fashion event in his or her country. Yes, like Indonesia Fashion Week. It's the biggest fashion event in Indonesia and it was held two weeks ago (February 20th-23th, 2014) at Jakarta Convention Center.

I came there on the 3rd day with my boyfriend. I'm really glad we have the same 'feeling' about fashion, so... We're genuinely click! :D

Before entering the Plenary Hall (where the fashion show was going to be held), I went to the bazaar.

I saw so many awesome fashion-related things such as these...

Hmm, wondering about how to wear this kind of shoes properly...

Actually, those are just a few! Hahaha.

Finally, the time had come. It was the time for me to attend the fashion show named Urban Kebaya. First of all, I want to say sorry for the bad quality images of the fashion show. I think it's caused by the lighting in the hall. It was too bright. :"D

I really loved the outfit designed by Vindy Faizah (Urban Minds). It looked effortlessly cool and modern (perfectly matched with the fashion show's theme), yet still had the nationalist touch. As you can see (later on the video), its pattern is Batik!

The second outfit that I loved the most was this.

It's designed by Hidayatun Mustaghfiroh (It's Me My Style). The outfit's pattern and also colors were so lovely. I love pastel colors!!

And take a look at the model's legs. She has two long legs which makes her look amazing walking on the stage. Stunning!

Anyway, I didn't capture all the models on that fashion show because at first, I recorded it. Hehe. I'm trying to upload my amateur video about the fashion show here on my Youtube account. I don't know exactly when it can be well-uploaded because my internet connection is kinda unfriendly from the last few weeks. So... Just wait! x)

Have a great days, guys! Xx.

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