Friday, January 11, 2013

Betawi Village

My Komunikasi Antar Budaya (Intercultural Communication) lecturer gave me and my classmates a task to observe one of the I-do-not-know-how-many cultures in Indonesia for our final test scores. So (finally), on December 15th, my friends (Nandyati Utami Putri Bachtiar, Joceline Mardella Wardana, Wenny Lovenza Anastacia, Meidita Kemala Audiary, Mayang Sekar Arum, Niza Sari Pratiwi, Savira Nadia Putri, Marganingsih, Jesica Tifany, Emily Karim, Sarita Sandi) and I went to a place named Kampung Betawi. It is located at Setu Babakan, South Jakarta.
I chose this place because (first!) there were my friends that wanted to go there and (second!) I was personally interested. Hmm, just interested, I did not know why. :)

Okay, the journey took about three hours. Precisely from 9:30 am until 12:00 pm.
I thought, we could have been there at 11 am if we already knew the way to go there; did not go to the wrong way. Haha.

When we arrived at Kampung Betawi, our eyes were pampered with Betawi-style buildings. Those were so awesome!

We slowly got into the parking lot which was similar to football field. And someone gave my friend (as a driver) this.

Aha, it meant that we should pay Rp5.000,00/ car.

After my friend paid that, we all one by one got out from the car. I wore my almamater so I would not feel the heat and walked into the main location of Kampung Betawi together with them.

Along the way, I found these...

The houses were a bit ancient, but nice!

Shortly afterwards, I went to an information center which was located in the main location of Kampung Betawi.

In this building, there were glass cabinets that filled with so many Betawi-related things.

You just saw Ondel-ondel!

When I finished taking pictures, I went outside and saw this board.

Same with the glass cabinets, this board was filled with Betawi-related things.
There were photos, a ban, schedule of the shows, and so on.

Walked about five steps ahead from that board, I found a stage.
It is a place where Betawi shows are implemented.

If you are dying for pee or want to pray, do not be worry, there are toilet and musholla (mosque) near the stage.

When I turned my head to the right from that place (previous photo), I saw a decoration in front of someone's house.
I did not know what was the function of that, but maybe there was a wedding celebration or something before I arrived there.

Hmm okay, I thought it was a time for lunch! My friends and I found these Betawi foods.
Those were so tempting!

Kerak telor.

Tauge goreng.


Kembang goyang.


Roti buaya.

Es goyang.

Anyway, there were places that provided Betawi foods at the same time. The foods were gado-gado, laksa, soto betawi, kerak telor, etc.
This is one of those places!

There was a 'little Monas' on the table!

"Forget about diet today!" Someone said. Hahaha. Seriously, we ate too much.
Sorry tummy!

To burn a little calories, I immediately walked away from those food-related places and saw these.
These were the same things but different! (?)

This is Delman, but it is not a Delman from Betawi. As you all can see, the wheels of this Delman are from a car wheels (mixed with the culture of Bandung). Usually, a Delman from Betawi uses a wheel that is bigger than that (and looks like bicycle wheel).

Take a look at this picture (especially the wheels). This is the real Delman from Betawi.

The sun shined so bright. I was 80% tired and felt the heat (the almamater did not work).
"I miss my bed." I said to myself. It was a perfect time to sleep!
Or... maybe playing with these 'ducks'?

Aha. Actually, I wanted to try playing 'Bebek-bebekan', but the sun was so unfriendly at that time!

Because my friends and I felt tired, we decided to go home; come back again tomorrow.

On the second day (Sunday), we came back again to Kampung Betawi to see the show.
The show was Lenong Betawi!

The show was held for about two hours and, fuh, that was tiring yet fun.
It was so rare that I could see Lenong Betawi DIRECTLYI did not know when I could see it again.

Shortly, when I thought that everything that I got was enough, I walked into this place.
This place was closer to the parking lot.

There, I met a person with Betawi-style outfit. That was so interesting, so I decided to photograph him and show it to you all. :)

Okay, Readers. Finally, this is the end of my 'trip'!
Thanks a lot to my family, friends, lecturer, Kampung Betawi, and of course God! :)

See you later, Kampung Betawi!

I have a video about my trip that made by myself. Check it out by clicking here!

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