Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Made with Love

It is really good to spend a long time with the ones we love. Three days ago, I went to my Grandmother's house. That was not the same like the usual weekly visit. My family and I went there to meet almost-all family members and together we made cakes. Woop!

The cakes were made for the Chinese New Year celebration which will be held on February 10th, 2013. The day is the same like my brother's birthday anyway! Ha, I have two special events in just one day!

First of all, I made this cake named Nastar. It is filled with pineapple; 100% real fruit! :p


And then, I do not know the 'real' name of this cake, yet my family calls it Kue Cetak.

Kue cetak.

The next cake that we made was Kue Cetak Kacang. As we can see, the name of this cake is not much different from the previous cake. My Aunt just added nuts as a flavor enhancer.

Kue cetak kacang.

We had to wait for about thirty minutes until the cake was completely cooked. My Grandmother told me that we had to use a small-sized fire to make it well-baked. :)

The fourth, we made chocolate cake. We used chocolate powder and chocolate chips!

Chocolate cakes.

The shape is simple, but the taste is really good!

When it was freshly cooked, I just could not stop eating it for maybe ten minutes. :")

The last cake after two days in a row making cakes is cheese cake. We used grated cheese bars and sago as it's main ingredients. The taste of this cake makes me feel like, 'nyum! Gimme more!' every time I eat it.

Cheese cakes.

I casually pressed those cakes with a fork so it would have something different; the shape was not just round.

I truly like to do that. Making something delicious to be consumed by my big family. You know, it feels so good to be around them. I can not wait for the next baking-time! Yippie! :D

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