Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 22th

I have the greatest mothers in the world! They are willing to do (almost) everything for the ones they love, especially their children. My Mother..... and my Grandmother. They are my heroes and role models.

What would I be without them in my life? Nothing.
They had taught me so many things about life, and it made me more mature every day.

Every mother is great. Every mother is a hero.
Thank, God, for giving me the ones that always love me (and my family) no matter what. The ones that also will fight for my future and happiness. Thanks for giving me heroes like them. They are amazing.

And also for every mother in this world! :D

Anyway, this cake was chosen by me and it had a meaning.
It meant that they (my Mother and Grandmother) had colored my life with beautiful things.
I certainly won't forget it all for the rest of my life.
Love you, Mom, Grandma. <3

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