Tuesday, April 9, 2013

45 Years 'Young' Man

You've done so many positive things for us, for this little family. You've tried to make us smile and happy with every single word you say, every day. You've tried to make us feel like "Omg..." with your laughable acts, sometimes. When we're afraid, you're always there trying to make us calm; to keep us safe. When we need something that's actually not really important or urgent, you always try your best to fulfill it.

Dad, thank you for being a super great father and also best friend for me. You're the one who's willing to listen to my grievances, the one who's willing to be a good listener when I tell you about the problems I'm facing, and the one who's willing to understand me well when I'm in a bad mood; you always try to cheer me up with your own way.

What else should I ask from you? The love that you've given to us isn't measurable.

Before April 9th 2013 ends, I simply want to say (again), "Happy 45th birthday, my Incredible Man! I loved you yesterday, love you today, and I will always do. You're the best father ever! Stay 'young', healthy, and let me make you proud someday. :) Xx."

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