Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second Round of Style Seeker Hunt to New York Fashion Week

Oh guys, let me tell you about how happy I was when I knew that I passed the first round of Style Seeker Hunt to New York Fashion Week. That event is made by Indonesian online fashion and lifestyle magazine, Fimela. I casually tried to do the questionnaire and... I was sad because the website said that I didn't pass; the score that I got didn't meet Fimela's standard. BUT, when I checked my email and opened my spam folder, there was an email from Fimela that said, "We apologize for the technical errors of our micro site. And we want to say congratulations, you qualify for the second round!"
... I seriously rubbed my eyes and stared at that email for like 15 seconds. "Is this true or..." :)))

Okay, so now I'm in the second round and all I have to do is collect votes as many as possible.
I've uploaded the photo of me and now it's time for you guys to vote.

Here are the simple steps!

Isn't it easy? Now, what are you waiting for? Click here and give me your vote ONCE A DAY, People!
Thank you before! :)

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